Tailored Tidings for the Season

This Friday, aka. tomorrow night, Men + Manner will be hosting its first event, in amazing partnership with NB: Men, Charles & Hunt, Mitandio, and CoMotion on King.

Tidings & Tailoring will see the CoMotion on King space stylishly alive from 7pm until midnight. The event, focused on men’s winter style and holiday giving, will feature the choice materials and finely fitted suits of Toronto based, NB: Men (more on them in the weeks to come), with company founder Shana U on hand to answer any questions.

NB Men

Also on hand to answer questions and offer men’s style centric advice will be Carla Criminsi of the new Hamilton based men’s style consultancy, Charles & Hunt (also more on them in the weeks to come).

And because it’s getting close to winter, you’re getting cold, I’m getting cold, pockets are getting cold, everything is getting bloody cold, Ruku Sandhu, founder of Hamilton based scarf and accessory provider, Mitandio, will be on hand with an eclectic array of pocket squares, and men’s and women’s scarves.

Of course, and particularly in the winter, one cannot live on style alone, expect an array of amazing nourishment from Hamilton’s new hamburger joint, Hambrgr, and beverages to warm up the night courtesy of Nickel Brook Brewery. And to top it all off, a cigar bar, courtesy of Havana Castle Cigars, offering the perfect gifts for the aromatic connoisseur in your life.

So... you know... RSVP and see you then!



Mitandio pocket square

Pocket square design, courtesy of Mitandio.

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