The Call of Fall Coats

The “sigh” of fall is upon us, nature breathes out, and so do our wardrobes, allowing for that expansion of versatility and diversity lovingly referred to as “layering.”

One of my favourite parts of fall, from a super trivial and materially stylistic perspective, is the jackets, and determining which one on any given day. Unlike winter, and perhaps much like spring, the fall affords us the ability to swap in and out of generally inexpensive outwear whenever we choose. And unlike the heavy, and (if you’re doing it right) potentially prohibitively expensive coats of winter, the variety of fall jackets, and their flexibility to what you have on underneath (read: as opposed to trying to combine a ski jacket with a suit …no, no don’t do it), make it always a stylishly adventurous season.

Whether an old jean jacket, a Bomber, a Harrington, a Mack, or much more, these are all essential pieces that can blend just as well with a tee as they can with a shirt and tie. And such is the beauty of fall dressing.

In terms of versatile jackets, I will look forward to wearing this project piece out. Though, to be perfectly honest, I am not sure what to call it.

Discovered on a Value Village hunt in the wee days of summer, I saw its potential a versatile dress up/dress down jacket for fall and early winter. Of course, it did require some work, of the “suit flipping” kind. Checking out similar jackets, and how they can fit, some key alterations needed were:

  1. General fitting through the body (despite that fact that it is somehow an XXL, the

shoulders still fit me, the body, however, was way billowy)

  1. Shorten, I have it now hitting mid-thigh, where as it used to go mid-calf

  2. Narrowing the sleeves (they used to be XXL wings)

  3. Shortening the sleeve cuffs (they were big wings)

And voila! For the $17.99 initial Value Village price tag, plus some roughly $50 in alterations, we have a perfect, personally fit piece with its own history, serving both a suit on Tuesdays and crew neck sweater on Saturdays.

My only remaining challenge is defining what it is. Despite being single breasted, small collared, and sans shoulder flap like your standard Mack, it has the epaulettes, belt, and other military detailing recalling a classic Trench. Though I would like to call it a “Mench,” I am sure we can do better.

So, I appeal to you, any idea what this type of coat is/was/could be?

Happy Fall.

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